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Texas Interior Design

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Hallway with desert scenery painted on the wall.

Home Decor Inspired By The Great Cities Of Texas

At Round Table Design, we are fortunate to be able to work with incredible clients in beautiful spaces all across Texas. From residential homes to commercial offices, from Corpus Christi all the way up to DFW – our team loves being a part of the Texas interior design community! 

Texas is constantly a source of inspiration for our modern eclectic interiors. Every city that we work in has a unique style and personality that provides context for the spaces we create. Of course, your interior design doesn’t have to match your geographic location. But we thought it would be fun to devise unique interior design styles inspired by the great cities of Texas. 

Which city best describes your interior design vibe?

Luxury Interior Design in Dallas, TX

Dallas Interior Design

Originally developed along major railroad lines, Dallas is now known for its incredible highway systems and bustling international airport. Like all cities where many people travel and converge, Dallas has an air of culture and importance. 

Our version of Dallas-inspired interior design would be characterized by luxury and a sophisticated mixture of styles. Infuse the spirit of Dallas into your interior design with luxurious fabrics, glam fixtures, and a sense of effortless elegance. 

Take a look through one of our most recent Dallas interior design projects.


Austin interior design eclectic bedroom with exposed brick

Austin Interior Design

Austin is known for live music, outdoor activities, and the growing tech and startup community that is flocking there. The motto of the city of Austin is “keep Austin weird.” And the residents of ATX take that responsibility seriously!

To truly capture the feeling of Austin in your interior design, the look should be eclectic, using unique pieces with a lot of personality. The mannequin/jewelry storage/art installation shown above is a perfect example of a quirky design accessory that’s just the right amount of “weird.” 


Houston-inspired design. Modern with subtle industrial accents.

Houston Interior Design

Travelers to Houston, TX are often surprised to learn how metropolitan the city is. In fact, Houston is the fourth-most populous city in America! The compact downtown area has a vibrant arts scene, and the city also has a strong base of industry, energy, and manufacturing. 

An interior design inspired by Houston could be very modern and urban, with subtle industrial accents. A light color palette might bring in the hint of a coastal feel, since Houston is near the Gulf of Mexico. 


Corpus Christi interior design is modern rustic with a coastal feel

Corpus Christi Interior Design 

Did you know that Round Table Design is actually based in Corpus Christi? Although we work all across the state, Corpus is what we call home! A Corpus Christi interior design would definitely be an outdoor or open air space with a mix of modern, coastal, and rustic elements. 

Modern eclectic commercial design in Midland TX

Investment Firm Headquarters


Midland Interior Design 

Midland is quintessential West Texas. Even though it’s way “out there,” there are many beautiful homes and close-knit communities that make the city special. 

If Midland were an interior design style it would be modern, with a mix of rustic accents and accessories. Mixed metallics and leather would evoke the laid back vibe of this big-little city. 

Check out this stunning investment firm we designed in Midland, TX.


Colorful modern eclectic kitchen design. White open shelving with red and white dishes stacked neatly and a bouquet of flowers and peaches on the white countertop.

Coastal Bungalow – Corpus Christi, Texas

San Antonio Interior Design 

San Antonio and the Texas hill country will always make us think of color! Like the wildflowers that grow along the highway and the gorgeous Mexican artwork for sale along the riverwalk. 

A space filled with warm colors, hand-painted pottery, and globally inspired accessories would mimic the atmosphere of San Antonio. 


Texas interior design is all about celebrating the people, culture, and atmosphere that make our state great.

No matter where you are in Texas, Round Table Design can help you bring your interior vision to life. 

Contact us today to learn more about our residential, commercial, and hospitality design services. 

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