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Round Table Design: Our Story

Uncategorized Round Table Design: Our Story
Round Table Design


At Round Table Design, we are passionate about creating distinctive residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces that tell the client’s unique story. We also want our clients to understand and appreciate our story, because who we are and where we come from is at the core of our approach to interior design. 

Founded by Leslie Phillips-Greco in 2010, our team has continued to grow and evolve into the multinational group of creative talents that we are today. Our small-but-mighty, unconventional team gathers disciplines from all sectors of the creative world: art, architecture, interiors, product design/engineering, textile design, lighting design, and sourcing. The result is the ability to re-imagine the possibilities of each project.

Learn more about Round Table Design, where we came from, and where we’re going! 


Leslie Phillips-Greco, Round Table Design

Leslie Phillips-Greco 

Leslie Phillips-Greco, Founder and Principal Designer of Round Table Design, has worn many hats throughout her career. But she has always sought to achieve a balance of her creative spirit and entrepreneurial mind. 

Leslie spent many years in the corporate world, in Senior Management and Senior Design positions. Her  ability to manage teams, design national campaigns, form strategic partnerships, and drive millions of dollars in revenue eventually afforded her the position of Vice President of Design and Merchandising. Although she loved building her business acumen in the fast-paced environment of merchandising and design, she craved even more opportunity to fine tune her creative talents! 

In 2010, Leslie made the leap and founded Round Table Design. She quickly became known for her modern eclectic design aesthetic and best-in-class service, seamlessly communicating her distinct design vision with not only her clients, but also with the trades and contractors on site.

Based in South Texas, Leslie was soon accepting design projects across Texas and beyond. Round Table Design has been featured in Southern Living Magazine and D Home Magazine. With this recognition and success came the need to grow, and eventually the incredible Round Table Design team was assembled.


Texas Interior Design


The Round Table Design Team

Round Table Design is made up of creatives from all over the world. We pride ourselves on our collaborative partnership and interdisciplinary approach to interior design. We have assembled a talented team who can do it all, including: 

  • Leslie Phillips-Greco – Principal Designer
  • Luka Ljumovic – Senior Designer, Interior design & Architecture
  • Dorortea Ljumovic – Senior Designer, Visualization Specialist
  • Kathleen Lenihan – Design Assistant, Purchasing & Procurement
  • John Greco – Design Assistant, Materials & Structural

We are also proud to collaborate with incredible photographers, stylists, contractors and more, who may not be a permanent part of our team, but who leave their mark on every project. 

Every member of our team is committed to our mission – to help Texas homeowners and businesses create luxurious, modern eclectic spaces with a unique point of view. 


Texas Interior Designer


Our Design Philosophy 

Our design philosophy is that every client and every space is distinct, and that interior design should be expressive. Although we work in a variety of styles, each design plan relates to the needs of our client and closely aligns with the building’s architectural integrity.

Our interiors share a sophisticated, eclectic sensibility – curated by mixing one-of-a-kind vintage treasures with high-end modern furnishings. This fusion of old and new, paired with our commitment to rarity, is what gives our work its signature. 


Round Table Design Featured in D Home Magazine


How We Work 

Round Table Design was conceived in the spirit of collaboration. One of the key components in creating a well-executed project. Our clients are at the core of our design process, and we always begin by taking time to understand how the space should feel and function. 

From the initial ideas to the carefully selected materials and concepts, we create detailed drawings used to employ the makers and the contractors. Using light, texture and form, a space is carefully considered, creating a natural and organic style that is distinctive to each project we design. We pride ourselves on strong relationships, high quality, time sensitivity and the final impact on our clients living environment and day to day lives. We love what we do!


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