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Custom Decor Collaborations from Round Table Design

Uncategorized Custom Decor Collaborations from Round Table Design
custom decor collaborations from Round Table Design

At Round Table Design, we pride ourselves on creating truly one-of-a-kind interiors that express each individual client’s unique story. One of the ways that we infuse that personal touch is through custom design details and bespoke pieces. We could never realize some of these custom decor collaborations without the work of makers and artisans who bring our vision to life. 

Working with other creatives is always one of the most inspiring parts of any project! Our Round Table Design team brings a concept to the table, and our artisan collaborators bring their specific expertise and perspective to bring it to fruition. 

This collaborative process is all about support – we support these bespoke makers and they support our design in return. 

Take a look at some of our favorite custom decor collaborations below: 


custom decor collaborations from Round Table Design


Custom Scrabble Tile Mirror, created by Tony McCray of Rust In Peace

This gorgeous entryway mirror was chosen for a client who works in publishing and has a unique appreciation for the power and beauty of words. What better way to celebrate that passion than a custom mirror made of Scrabble tiles, designed and crafted by Tony McCray! 

He even organized the tiles to spell out inspirational phrases, such as: 

  • “A heart full of grace speaks words of blessings.”
  • “A good name is worth far more than riches.”
  • “Life is like a box of chocolates.” 

Sure, we probably could have found a beautiful entryway mirror in a showroom somewhere. But instead, we sourced from a true artisan to design a custom conversation piece that will stay with this client for a lifetime. 


Hallway with desert scenery painted on the wall.


Commissioned Cactus Mural, crafted by Holton Arts

When we first started working with this client in West Texas, we quickly discovered 2 things: 

  1. They love cacti 
  2. They’re adventurous with design, and wanted to lean into their West Texas surroundings in a unique way

What could be more perfect than a one-of-a-kind cactus mural in this gorgeous Mid-Century Modern foyer? 

Immediately, we knew we wanted to work with the amazing Holton Arts, based out of Palm Beach, Florida. Holton Arts specializes in all kinds of high-end, specialized wall coverings and applications! For this particular mural, they hand-painted this custom artwork directly onto special wall paper that was then shipped and installed way out in Texas. It was a 

Check out this Instagram post to see a behind-the-scenes of this mural in process. Follow Holton Arts to support their fantastic small business!


custom commercial light fixture with belt buckle detailing

Bespoke Conference Table Light Fixture, crafted by Two Hills Studio

At Round Table Design, we take a unique approach to commercial design. Rather than churning out cookie-cutter offices, we believe in creating office spaces that celebrate the spirit of each business! 

This family-owned business in Austin, TX wanted to work in a space that felt modern and masculine. However, we were having a hard time finding a light fixture that felt right. Rather than compromise, our Round Table Design team designed a totally custom light fixture made of black steel, brass, leather, and belt buckles! When we brought the idea to Two Hills Studio, they knocked it out of the park. 


custom sign made of vintage plumbing fixtures and Shmaltz glass

Custom Brass & Glass Sign, crafted by Landmark Signs

You would never guess that this gorgeous sign was made out of plumbing fixtures, would you? All of the brass you see on this custom piece were made from vintage fixtures and given a new life. The stunning blue backdrop is actually antique crushed glass, known as Schmaltz glass, which shimmers beautifully upon closer look. 


Modern eclectic commercial interior design in Midland TX

Custom Gas Canister Table Lamps, crafted by Rust In Peace

This cozy commercial design was created for an investment firm in Midland, Texas. The client came from a family that was in the compressed gas business. So gas canisters (traditionally used for propane, oxygen, etc.) had a kind of sentimental value and history. Tony took two old gas canisters and turned them into the modern rustic table lamps shown above. 

Coming Soon…

Coming soon - custom sign for family owned business

Custom Sign for a Family Office, crafted by Brennon Bechtol

This project has been finished for a couple months now, but we have not yet revealed the final photos! You will absolutely love this old Studebaker dealership-turned family office – especially the new custom sign by Brennon Bechtol. 

We wanted the sign to have that well-loved feel, like it had been there for many years.


Follow Round Table Design on Instagram to keep an eye out for the final results! 


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