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3 Entryway Decor Vignettes You Can Recreate Today

Uncategorized 3 Entryway Decor Vignettes You Can Recreate Today
3 entryway decor vignettes you can recreate today

Your entryway decor sets the tone for the design of your entire home. This is the space that makes a first impression with guests; the space that will welcome you home at the end of every long day. So when it comes to entryway decor, don’t be afraid to be bold and showcase a specific point of view! 

Some of the key components of a visually appealing and stylish entryway are: 

  • Interesting, sculptural lighting fixtures.
  • Conversational, and/or architectural furniture with beautiful lines and unique style. 
  • Distinct artwork and accessories, like photography, sculpture, and decor. 
    • Note: Rugs should be looked at like art, too! A carefully-selected statement rug can transform the entire space.
  • Plants to add oxygen and greenery. 

When it comes to design and spatial layout, make sure that you configure your entryway in a way that promotes good circulation with the adjacent spaces. This will be a high-traffic area, so avoid over-cluttering the space. Just a few stand-out pieces will be enough to make your entryway decor pop. 

Need a little bit of inspiration? ‘

Here are three beautiful entryway decor vignettes for every style, with links to bring the look home today! 

Entryway Decor Style: Modern Eclectic

modern eclectic entryway decor

This nature-inspired entryway vignette is sure to make a great first impression with your guests! The bold artwork has so much strength, power, and personality! The leather chairs are high-quality, durable pieces that will last a lifetime. And the large planter will make a perfect home for whatever kind of plant best suits the environment of your home. Finish the look with unique lighting, and just like that, you’ve completed your entryway transformation. 

Love this look? All of the pieces shown here can be purchased, individually or together. 

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Entryway Decor Style: Classical With A Twist

classical entryway decor with a twist

This entryway decor has the air of classical romance, with a contemporary twist. The bust sculpture will look regal atop this reclaimed chamcha wood pedestal. The rattan screen and animal print rug bring a laid back feeling to this luxury entryway vignette. We love creating juxtaposition with a modern light fixture in black and gold. 


Love this look? All of the pieces shown here can be purchased, individually or together.

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Entryway Decor Style: Neutral Glam

Entryway decor style: Neutral glam

If you love a little bit of glam and a splash of luxury in your interior design, this entryway decor is for you! The wrought iron and gold leaf chandelier will instantly bring the eye up and open up your foyer. Play up the grand style with a stunning 112” floor mirror with decorative moulding and an elegantly tailored daybed. All you need to complete the look is a plant of your choice for this simple concrete planter.

Love this look? All of the pieces shown here can be purchased, individually or together.

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More Entryway Decor Favorites

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